Introducing a New Team Member!

Hey everyone! So I promised you I was working on something new and I could tell you about it soon… well today is finally the day! Here is what we have been working on: That’s right…. we are adding a little baby girl to our family. So, while this is probably not what you were […]

I have a Threenager

  How does it happen? One day I had the sweetest little boy. Sure, we did the terrible twos, we had a few tantrums… but it was nothing we couldn’t handle. I honestly thought more than once that we got lucky with the best kid ever, or that maybe we were way better parents than […]

Car Trips with Kids

We’re heading to Madison for the 4th of July – it’s a 5-hour drive… with a toddler. Are we crazy? Maybe! Glenn’s family lives in Wisconsin so we make a few trips over there a year. In the last few years, we have gotten smarter with how to keep sane. We have a variety of […]

Single Mom Sanity

Tomorrow is Mothers Day. Tomorrow is also the first Mothers Day that Glenn will be home for in years. He usually has a fishing tournament every Mothers Day weekend. I knew when I started dating Glenn that he was a tournament fisherman and that would lead to him being gone a lot. What I didn’t […]

Parenting with a type A personality

Parenting is hard. Parenting is rewarding and amazing, but hard! This has been an exceptionally hard week of parenting for me. When I decided to write a blog I built out a blog calendar. This post is not on that calendar, but it is so the top of mind it deserved a post. If you […]

Packing for a Family

This weekend we are going to visit Glenn’s grandparents. They live 4 hours away in Wisconsin so we will be spending Saturday night in a hotel. Packing for one night in a hotel used to take 5 minutes. Basically, some PJs and a toothbrush and you would be fine. Packing for one night in a […]

Toy Organization

Growing up I either wanted to be a crime scene investigator or an interior designer, even better would have been a job where I could have done both! Reality set it as college decisions came up, and one awesome school counselor helped me to realize that going to school to be a CSI while the […]