Hey! Welcome! Ever tried to write a bio about yourself? It’s hard…and weird…and hard. But here it goes!

My name is Kristen. Working mom and wife just trying to keep my head above water, and loving every minute of it liking it most of the time. I know I am far from perfect but as long as I can go to bed knowing I would score an A for Effort, I call that a win!

My 24 hour a day job is to be a mom and a wife. My other job is that I work full time as a Marketing Technologist (yes, that is a real job, or at least they pay me to do it). I run on coffee, sarcasm and life hacks.

I hope to use this blog to make you laugh, talk about real life (no sugar coating here) and share some tips I have learned along the way. I am far from a perfect mom, and I don’t always have my s*it together, but I would love to take you along on my journey, let you learn from my mistakes and my successes and if I can do it with a little humor then I will call it a success.

As I am sure you can expect my family is a big part of my life and therefore will be a part of this blog. So I should let you know a little about them as well. I live in Minnesota with my son Blake and my Husband Glenn.

Glenn is always going at 200 mph. He has a full-time day job, coaches high school hockey, is a professional tournament bass fisherman, a writer and just as type A and organized as I am. Did you know Bass Fishing was a sport? I didn’t either. But if you want to learn more about it you can check him out at glennwalkerfishing.com or his Facebook. As you can imagine all this keeps him pretty busy so this lets me practice my patience as a occasional single parent.

Blake is an active toddler and sure keeps me on my toes. He loves all things boy and I am trying to navigate this whole boy mom thing. I am working on my truck noises, trying to perfect my skills in plastic animal fights and learning that my main purpose in life is to have eyes in the back of my head to prevent Blake from the danger he puts himself in hourly. I had grand plans as a mother to raise an upstanding member of society, but I have come to realize that’s not how motherhood works. Toddlers sole purpose in life is to push every button you have while also tiptoeing on the edge of danger. And alas right when they can sense you are about to lose your mind… they look at you with those adorable little (possibly food covered) faces and tell you they love you!