Cribs: Office Cube Edition

Hey MTV, welcome to my crib. This is where I spend approximately 50 hours a week rocking the Marketing Technology world. WAIT! 50 hours! In a tiny cube with 3.5 beige colored walls…..barf!

Okay, but for real. I spend more waking hours during the week in this cube that I do at home. At my last job, I had a huge office. It was glorious! I could close my door when I didn’t want to talk to anyone and it was a lifesaver when I was pregnant and I wanted to block out the smells of everyone else’s lunches. When I changed jobs and traded my office for a cube I didn’t think it would phase me. HOLY COW was I wrong. So after a few weeks of staring at beige half walls, I decided I needed to make it more “me”. So here is how I made my cube a home.

Here is what I was starting with, the thing dreams are mad of right?

Work decore is a little tricky. You need to toe the fine line of work and your personal taste. In my office, I had huge open walls. I needed something large to fill the walls. But what are you that passionate about to hang something that large on your walls? I decided, being a Marketer I wanted to have something that would be marketing related. I found a cool idea on Pinterest about making a calendar our of paint samples. I didn’t need a calendar but this got me to thinking, how can I combine that and a Pantone color book? Here is the final product. I am so happy with how it turned out and it is a nice way to fill the walls with some color. I will do a post about how I made these, stay tuned.

Now that I am in a cube they are a little large but I still like how they fill the space and cover the beige. I found these hangers on Amazon to hang them on the cube wall and they work great.

In my office, I had this monitor holder from The Container Store. Since I had 2 monitors I used two shelves from Ikea to set on top of the monitor stand so that both of my monitors would fit. I was able to buy just the shelves and not the mounting brackets in the store. In my cube, I have an awesome sit/stand desk that my monitors mount to so I didn’t need the monitor stand anymore, but I wanted to find a way to use these. My cube has a large shelf behind the monitors. I think its supposed to be used for books, but who has paper books at work anymore. The shelf is pretty tall so I made this shelving system. It is a storage bin from Target and the shelves from Ikea. I can’t find the storage bins at Target anymore but these are similar. Add some colorful frames and I have a great picture collage.

The shelf I added didn’t stretch the whole way across my cube shelf so I needed something to add to the corner. I wanted something taller since it is tucked behind my standing desk. Now I am NOT an artist. I like to find DIY crafts you can do without any artistic ability. I traced this canvas from a file I bought on Etsy and I love how it turned out. I will do a post about how I did this project as well, but here is the finished product.

I still had this monitor stand with nowhere to put it. I decided just to use it as a little desktop shelf for some of the things that I keep out. I like that it ads a pop of color and helps to keep my desktop less cluttered.

Last but not least there is the issue of office Ninjas. As most cubes, I face the corner of my cube, meaning my back is to the opening of the cube. I get easily distracted by the background noise of the office, so I often rock my giant headphones. They are great to help me concentrate and allow me to have a desk chair dance party, but then I can’t hear when people come up behind me. They have a number of mirrors for this exact purpose on Amazon but I wanted something that looked a little less like office supplies. I looked around for a while to find something and wasn’t able to find anything I liked, so I decided to make these decorative framed mirrors. Yes yes yes, I will do a post about how I made these as well… but I can’t cram everything into this one post or you guys will fall asleep before you get to the end.

Once I put it all together here is the finished product. Quite an improvement over the starting pictures!

Thanks for coming to my crib

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