Cribs: Office Cube Edition

Hey MTV, welcome to my crib. This is where I spend approximately 50 hours a week rocking the Marketing Technology world. WAIT! 50 hours! In a tiny cube with 3.5 beige colored walls…..barf! Okay, but for real. I spend more waking hours during the week in this cube that I do at home. At my […]

Toy Organization

Growing up I either wanted to be a crime scene investigator or an interior designer, even better would have been a job where I could have done both! Reality set it as college decisions came up, and one awesome school counselor helped me to realize that going to school to be a CSI while the […]

Meal planning in the real world

We’re a meal planning family. I wish I could tell you we do it every week without complaining, but that’s not the case. I HATE meal planning, but I do it. I do it for a few reasons. First of all, I work full time. I get home at 5:00 and Blake, my son, is […]